He earned the money being a professional YouTube Star.

. He has a younger brother named Jerry.

Benedict Cua is an actor, model, brand endorser and a YouTube content creator.

His older brother is YouTuber Benedict Cua.

"Hindi siya halata ngayon, alam ko," he said in the beginning. Also Known as: Benedict Cua. .


. In a 20-minute video, Benedict first opened up about his "very low self-esteem" growing up since he has a lot of insecurities. Although, this may.

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She is also apart of the clothing brand Fangs.


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Jun 11, 1992 · He has a younger brother named Jerry.
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Native name: Benny Cua.

Estimated Net Worth in 2022.

Benedict Cua.

Vlogging sensation on YouTube with a self-titled channel has garnered more than 950,000 subscribers. gang. Menu.

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BROTHERS TAG! (Medyo SPG) Benedict Cua.

. He has done freelance modeling on the side.





He posted "MY AWKWARD FIRST VLOG" in April of 2018.