8:00 - 9:20 PM (KST).

Step By 1M is the perfect class for those who are new to dance or those who want to learn the basics of dance.

Spacious Dance Studio Learn dance choreography in a spacious and comfortable dance studio. .

The dance class is experiential — a guaranteed memorable time at the birth place of K-Pop! Real K-Pop back dancers lead the class - you will learn choreography step-by-step from the experts, and soon you will be dancing together like K-Pop stars.


KPOP Camp is collaborating on building the singing and dancing talent of people who dream of becoming KPOP stars for auditions in Seoul, South Korea. . K-Pop is a musical movement that has swept the entire world—and continues to dominate.

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KPop fans will be thrilled to participate in this KPop dance class in Seoul specifically geared to teach the latest and most famous dance moves in KPop today. After teaching herself the Korean language during the pandemic shutdown, she chos.

K-Pop is a musical movement that has swept the entire world—and continues to dominate.


Moreover, you can record your favorite K-Pop songs in a professional music. With its growing culture, get updated and learn KPop dance moves that anybody can enjoy and participate in.

. I thought it would be fun to do a K-pop style makeover and dance class, and I worked with the attentive staff at K-pop central to.

It is a unique course for those interested in both systematic Korean learning and entertaining K-pop lessons.
Let your passion turn into an amazing dance move and make your trip to Seoul become so much more memorable with this K-pop dance class! Highlights: Authentic K-pop dance.

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You can join alone or with multinational friends! Don't forget to shoot your own K-pop music video after you get dance training. These. Dance.

. Jan 4, 2019 · Real K-Pop back-up dancers lead the class. Apr 13, 2023 · You can receive a certificate for mastering K-POP dance class from Vroad Dance Academy after the experience, so make an unforgettable souvenir in Korea! • Meet the choreographer who made the dance for K-POP Idol groups such as BTS, Girls’ Generation, EXO, and many more. edu Aiken, SC (05/05/2023) — What began as a Covid hobby led to one of the best decisions senior Nya Washington has ever made. ) ※ You can check the dance teacher by day and musician at official Instagram → Move to the Instagram Page. K-pop Dance Activity in Seoul.


2 days ago · To book your spot into one of Real Kpop Dance Studio’s classes, you just need to book via Klook for a discounted rate. dancing, style, fitness, and more from the instructors who teach your fav KPOP idols! Experience the new type of training with the best KPOP Artists.

Apr 13, 2023 · • Shoot a video of you dancing K-POP like an Idol group dance practice video once you purchase the Shooting Video Option on-site.

These KPop dance lessons will definitely give.

K-POP Idol Makeover Package.