a friend of mine said somenthing about the 3 "main characters" of BB/BCS (walter, saul and jessie), and how the end of each of their roads could be compared to the three different afterlifes of the bible.

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You are Jay Gatsby from The Great Gatsby by F. 1. However, being kin implies a certain *type* of experiencing versus a character being #literallyme.

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You are a true romantic, a vivid daydreamer, and a loyal friend.

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Or one version of what exists of them in this universe, anyway. Some I haven't even seen but I just know it. .

This created a database of descriptions for 2,000 characters. Enter Your Name. Dec 27, 2018 · You are Lizzie Bennett! One of the strongest females in literature, you stand by your opinions and you are fiercely independent. . . .


search. The kid who had to eat the chocolate cake in Matilda.


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