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Reviews (0) Frindle Comprehension Packet is a comprehension question packet to be used with Frindle by Andrew Clements. . 1.

Frindle Digital + Printable Frindle Printable Frindle Abridged On the following pages, you will see snapshot examples for Frindle Digital + Printable Novel Study. Explain how a "guaranteed-time-waster" question works.

Grade Summer Reading Packet Required Reading: Frindle by Andrew Clements Additional Requirements: What two choice books did you read this summer? Title Author Steps to follow when reading the novels: 1.


This packet contains: An after-the-book comprehension quiz in both a multiple choice and short answer format for differentiation; An after-the-book vocabulary quiz; An after-the-book writing assessment; Answer keys. Description.

1 day ago · Nearly 40% of such approaches ended with gulls pecking at the crisp packets, and of these, a hefty 95% were directed at the same colour packet as the scientist was eating from. Despite Frindle 's popularity and the many smaller awards it won when it was first published, the novel didn't win any major awards for children's books.



This resource can be used as a whole-class novel study, small group reading groups, or an individual project.

Frindle at Storyboard That. 1 (877) RIF-READ. The packet includes content-rich activity sheets, quizzes, and a final exam for direct.

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This Frindle Book Club Packet is perfect for supporting rich book responses and book talks around the Andrew Clement's classic,.

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