Our high head water pumps and PTO gear pumps are used in a wide range of agricultural fields.

A power take-off or power takeoff (PTO) transfers the mechanical power from a power source, such as a running engine, and transfers it to another piece of equipment or attached implement.

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It triples the standard PTO output to optimum operating speeds for the hydraulic pumps, so if your PTO is spinning at 540 RPM, it will step up the speed to 1620 RPM. . .


Superior gearsets contain Molybdenum and Nickel for premium quality. com. in/rev (56 to 160 ml/rev).

. APPLICATIONS: Combined with any of our wide range of PE series eaton fuller PTO, PIM series Volvo I-Shift/Mack mDrive PTO, PA series hot shift PTO for AISIN and ALLISON automatic transmissions, it can power your hydraulic wetline or.

Max Speed determined by Max PTO output speed of 2500.


. Shift Option: AIR.

. Not more motor and engine failures.

Parker Chelsea offers power take-off (PTO) with direct & remote mount to hydraulic pumps, blowers, and generators, for truck and mobile transmissions.

Suit Vehicles Fitted With The Mercedes G56-6 (6 Speed) Gearbox. HYVA GEAR PUMP ALPHA Gear pump BI - 4H5. A small amount of fluid is designed to leak internally to lubricate and cool the internal components of the pump.

PTO QUICK REFERENCE. Gear pumps trap essential oil in the areas between the the teeth of the pump’s two gears and the body of the pump, transportation it around the circumference of the gear cavity and then power it through the outlet slot as the gears mesh. The agriculturists and farmers are able to derive maximum benefits from the tractor driven. . . .

Self adjusting wear plates on both sides of the gears.

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We have been making and supplying highly efficient PTO Pumps for tractors, 4x4 PTO pumps and 6x6 PTO pumps to a vast majority of clients across the country.