THIS SITE WAS UNSANE!Fantastic marshals, great players and INTENSE action!if you guys are interested to going to this site (you should) check out their websi.


Also Recruiting For Period Units Here! Moderators: Sergeant, Gordak, CPL. G&G G980 (Co2 Powered) The G&G G980 is a high-performing bolt-action rifle perfect for long-range WW2 engagements.

Find Discussions of Period Airsoft Impressions Here! Uniforms and Gear, Weapons and Kit from WW2AA Airsoft Reenactment Periods.


Finally, Kershmallow, you should come out some time, we hold some of the best WWII events (battlesim ;D). For all things airsoft. There are airsofters who turn up for normal airsoft skirmishes in WW2 gear.

Anybody have any ww2 gear for sale or guns or anything? See less See more Reply.

<span class=" fc-falcon">A place for all those interested in WWII Airsoft. 95. .

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There were incredible developments made in the firearms industry.

Guns: G&G M14 Veteran, G&G AIMS, LCT SR-3M, Specna Arms M4, JG Vz61, SSG10. For all things airsoft.

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SWIT Airsoft Shop, offers high quality air soft guns and spare parts.
Frustrated with the Catch-22 of there being no WW2 airsoft games due to too few players with authentic kit and yet too few players because of the lack of games we decided to kick the WW2 scene into action.



. It tends to be overshadowed by a host of iconic submachine guns and arguably the world’s first assault rifle in the StG44. To help you choose a high-quality and true-to-the-era firearm for your next WW2 airsoft event, we'll take a look at the types of guns that dominated this fascinating era and offer.

I many cases the same item from Grigsby is a little cheaper than the identical item from ATF. New media New comments Search media. M1 American WW2 carbine rifle. Deluxe Model with Scope and Mounts. . Posted November 20, 2017.


Deluxe Model with Scope and Mounts. 1.

British Sten WW2 SMG.

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A couple of years ago i tryed to start an airsoft group but i couldn 't do it because we were just 3.


This makes the gun accessible and a great way to get real life experience.